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Hi friends!

Remember the other day when I told you about our cookie decorating fun in our library? Our students are decorating paper cookies to look like book characters.

I’m happy to say that the colorful characters are pouring in to our library. They are just so darn cute!

I know you recognize that Fly Guy with the big round eyes!

Morris the Moose, the raccoon from The Kissing Hand (see the heart in his hand?), Pigeon, the Grouchy Ladybug, Camilla with a Bad Case of Stripes, Chrysanthemum…

I’m displaying our fabulous sweets on foil, folded at the edges to look like REALLY BIG cookie sheets.

Little Bea and Lois Ehlert’s Cuckoo…

It makes me happy to work in a library surrounded by these creative celebrations of book characters, knowing that students worked with their families to create these sweet cookies to share.

If you’d like to bring this festive fun to your school, you can grab this free download from TPT.

I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season with your students!

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      1. Thanks for your comment, Susanne! If you’re not ready to take the plunge, you can dip your toe in the water with one or two centers. Once you get started, the fun will motivate you to add more library centers!

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