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Hi friends!

I just posted a new library center in my Teachers Pay Teachers store…it’s a book review banner or pennant! You know how I love for students to share their book recommendations with each other, especially in a way that I can display all over my library!

This will be one of my first library centers of the school year, and I will leave it out for a few weeks. I have 30 different prompts on the banner pieces. Students can write or draw their responses. This allows all of the various grades and ability levels to participate.

After I’ve gathered student responses, I’ll make a banner, with triangles of scrapbook paper in between the student pages, to make a colorful banner for my library bulletin board.

I find that student peer reviews are wayyyy more powerful than my own suggestions. And sharing book recommendations really helps to build a community of readers.

I hope you find this library center helpful!

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    1. Cari,

      Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas and library centers! I just started blogging again and would love for you to stop by lovechapterbooks.blogspot.com

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