Glue Gun Curtains for Library Closet

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Have you ever made curtains with a glue gun? It’s a quick and easy way to beautify your library storage area!

I have lots of stuff in my closet, like hats, and decorations for all the seasons, plus supplies for library centers. Even when I used plastic tubs,  and organized and labeled each shelf, it still looked so messy.


Curtains made my closet so much more lovely! And it didn’t take much time or effort since I used a hot glue gun.

Check out this before and after photo.

You can use butcher paper for your curtains instead of fabric. They’ll be cheaper but not as durable.

I used one inch black and white gingham because (a) I love gingham, (b) the one-inch grid pattern made measuring and cutting simple, and (c) I think it will match everything. I ordered the fabric from Warehouse Fabrics because they had the best price per yard at $3.49.

The only supplies you need for this project are fabric, measuring tape, scissors, hot glue gun, and your favorite beverage. And remember the very important rule of the glue gun: DON’T TOUCH THE HOT GLUE!! IT BURNS!

My shelf area is 45 inches long. I added 3 inches for the curtain rod casing at the top, and 1 inch for the hem at the bottom, and I cut the fabric into 49-inch lengths (45+3+1).

I chose to put the selvage of the fabric on the vertical edges of my curtains. The selvage is tightly woven by the manufacturer so that it won’t unravel. That means I don’t have to finish the side edges.

My fabric is 45 inches wide, and my shelves are 36 inches wide, and that 9-inch difference will allow the curtains to gather a little bit on the curtain rod.

I turned down the top edge to the three-inch mark to make a casing for the curtain rod,  put a line of hot glue along that line, and folded the fabric over onto the glue strip.

Ta-da! No sewing!

Next I turned up the bottom edge one inch, and hot glued my hems. This is where the one-inch gingham makes it super easy. I just fold along the stripe, and I have an even one-inch hem.

After I had glued the top and bottom edges, I spent a couple of minutes ironing the edges to make them sharper.

Now I can walk into my library closet and not get stressed out by all the STUFF! All I see is a wall of gingham.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make our days better. This back-to-school project is working for me!

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