Planning for Library Centers

Hi friends!

I’ve just read a great blog post by The Book Fairy-Goddess about her library center plans. I encourage you to stop by and read what she has to say about what she tried in her elementary school library last year and what she plans for next year. She also created some really cute supply containers for her work stations. Check them out!

I know you’ve seen those back-to-school displays popping up everywhere. It’s almost that time. Soon, I’ll be able to get into the school building to work on my “Dive Into Reading” ocean-themed decorations. (I’m collecting inspiration on my Pinterest board here.) Last year we had a camping theme, and the year before that, a space theme.

But first, I’ll enjoy my summer vacation at Disney World, gathering ideas for making my library a place of fun and adventure! And, if you want to see what inspires me at Disney (and everywhere else), you can now follow me on Instagram! My username is: myschoollibrary!


Happy rest-of-the-summer to you!

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    1. So I happened to be looking over some old pins for a post (and just web surfing and mindlessly listening to the tv at the same time) and I was reminded of this one. And even though it’s not QUITE you … with an ocean I still think you need it!


      Sigh. Maybe I should have done Star Wars. I just sort of feel like since we’re so right out in the middle of everything I should go along with the “school.” Baseball. Not quite as fun.

      1. Angie,
        Great T-shirt!
        I think you should STILL do Star Wars! I think it would make you happy to look at Star Wars decorations all day, and to share your enthusiasm with your students! And you could use videos like this one:
        to “make a connection” between Star Wars and baseball! Or have a bulletin board of Star Wars characters on a baseball field, like the video. Because, really, how many ways are there to do baseball decorations? Your space can become the center of the school universe!

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