My Library as Co-Teacher

Hi friends!

After sitting for hours in a hard wooden chair at in-service training this week, I heard something that really woke me up (not literally—I really was awake). A speaker made this statement to us.

Whether you like it  or not, whether you realize it or not, your classroom is your co-teacher. Parents will meet this co-teacher at open house. This co-teacher will be with you every day of the year.

What is your co-teacher teaching your students?

Hmmm…I would say that this applies even more to us as librarians. Because we have our students for a limited time each week, we need our “co-teacher” to work EVEN HARDER for us. Right?

As I prepare for Open House on Friday, and the start of school next week, I’m pondering this statement. I’m wondering how I can help my library space, my co-teacher, to be more effective.

I know that I use my library centers to teach for me, even when I’m in the computer lab or a classroom. Those centers are providing students with practice in skills that I or their teachers have taught them.

But, as I staple up the borders on my bulletin boards, I’ll be asking myself how I can make my co-teacher work harder.

What do YOU think? How do you make your library space teach for YOU?

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    1. Love the idea of your library being your co-teacher! If we are creating independent learners, then yes, definitely, the environment needs to set them up for success! What a great way to look at it… but my co-teacher needs to get her rear-in-gear to get ready for school to start!

    2. Thank you for sharing what you learned at your workshop. As a new media specialist, the co-teacher idea is great. I need all the help I can get. 😉

      1. SweetP, thanks for your comment! Sometimes just a single phrase from a speaker makes me totally re-think the way I do things. We ALL need all the help we can get!

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