Science Center Snake Sheds Skin!

Hi friends!

Just a quick update from our science center…

You may remember that we’ve had a corn snake visiting our library for the past two weeks. Our students have LOVED observing him, have asked many questions and checked out plenty of snake books. But, wait, there’s more!

Yesterday afternoon, our snake shed his skin! And several students got to watch! It slithered in circles around its cage, rubbing up against the wall, until it rubbed off the old skin, all in one piece.

I put that skin into a tub with a lid so that students could observe that, too, without touching it.

This morning our snake friend returned to his home at the regional service center. I think I might miss him a little bit. I’ve grown accustomed to his pointy little face!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week in YOUR library, too!

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