S’More Tech Summer Camp, Day 9 (Triptico)

Hi campers!

I hope your summer is as soft and sweet as this happy marshmallow! I hope you have time to catch up on your reading list AND your sleep!

AND I hope you’re ready to add another cool tech tool to your camp scrapbook…Triptico! Our special guest, the happy but inquisitive marshmallow, will guide our way today.

What is Triptico? It’s an application with interactive resources to use on a projector screen or interactive white board with your students. You download the application (of course it’s free), and then you get updates when new resources are added. It can be used on Macs or PCs.

Where did Triptico come from? Good question, marshmallow! Triptico was created by David Riley, a former secondary teacher in the U.K. who wants to inspire imaginative teachers. It’s being used all over the world, with all ages and subjects.

What can I do with Triptico?
Here…if you’re a visual learner like me, this screencast will provide a clearer explanation than words.

For those of you who prefer words, here’s a list of some of the tools included in Triptico:

Word Magnets

Class Timer

Student Selector

Two Team Scorer

Student Order

Class Magnets

Team Scores

Find Ten

Flip Timer

Order Resource

Student Group

Text Spinner

Image Spinner

Number Workout

Random Task Generator

Can you see some library instruction applications in there? Here’s what I see.

-ORDER RESOURCE: You type up a list of items. The students move the list around to put it in order. Voila! A quick and easy way to create an alphabetical or Dewey order game, using books that are in your library!
-IMAGE SPINNER: Use with genre instruction and have students spin the genre wheel to select one of their books to check out. You could use the text spinner, but the image spinner looks like more fun!
-MAGNET WORDS: Use this as a poetry center, or parts of speech.

Check it out, and tell me what you think! How could you use Triptico in YOUR library?

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