Tech Tuesday: Organize Your Desktop!

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Is your school year off to a great start? I hope so! I love to get things in our school library organized for the new year, and this year, I carried that a step further. For Tech Tuesday, I’ll show you a fun way to organize your computer desktop! Here’s what I see now, when I fire up my school laptop!


I love it! I’ve got my desktop icons lined up on the left side of my screen, two sticky notes at the top, with  daily and weekly to-do lists, and on the open book I have a slide show of the 7 Habits for Kids, weather, clock, and calendar.

Now when I start a presentation for my students, instead of seeing a pretty picture on my desktop, they can see that I’m a proactive person who sets goals and uses technology in my daily life!

I watched this video from Charity Preston of The Organized Classroom Blog about how to create the desktop background in PowerPoint and save it as a jpg.

Here’s the desktop I made, in my Google Drive. You don’t need to share it, just download it. Or make your own!

My desktop background image looks like this.

Organize Library Computer Dekstop

After I saved that image and made it my desktop background, I dragged the desktop icons onto the black rectangle. I added the Windows gadgets by right clicking on my desktop: sticky notes, weather, calendar, clock, and slide show.

For the slide show, just save images in a folder, choose those images in your slide show gadget, and it will automatically play those images in a slide show on your desk top. I’m starting with images of the 7 Habits because we’re implementing the Leader in Me(R) program at our school this year. Later, I might have a slide show of book covers on my desktop!

Here are two more blog posts with other desktop images you can download.

Are you ready for an organized desktop? What else do you do to feel organized and prepared for the start of a new school year?

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    1. What a great idea! This was precisely what I needed after a long summer of using my desktop as a holding tank for the many links, sites, and images I discovered while browsing. Now my desktop is personalized and organized! I went one step further and customized the icons for the folders, files, and links I display on my desktop. I found freeware icons at and directions (for Mac) here:
      Thanks for sharing, Cari!

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