Valentine Library Lesson

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This is a quick post about a Valentine lesson that I shared with my first graders today. I think you could do this with any elementary grade, even the big kids!

First I read aloud My Heart is Like a Zoo, by Michael Hall. We looked at the heart shapes in the illustrations.


Then I asked each student to draw something (anything, didn’t have to be an animal) with at least one heart shape in it. They could include other shapes as well.

After they drew their object, I asked them to find something that object had in common with their heart, and they wrote, “my heart is as ________ as a ____________.” (This sentence structure is similar to My Heart Is Like a Zoo.) I loved reading their responses! Here are a few, for you to enjoy!

Valentine Library Lesson
My heart is mighty as a snake!


Valentine Library Lesson
My heart is helpful as a house. (See the heart-shaped door and windows on the giant heart house?)
Valentine Library Lesson
My heart is as shocking as an iPad! (heart icons for the apps)

This is a short post, just in case you might have time to squeeze this activity in with your students before Valentine’s Day! My students really enjoyed using their imaginations and having freedom to draw with shapes, like Michael Hall.

I hope your week is filled with love, learning, and good books to read!

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