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I added a new library center this week to use the Whispy (trademark) reading pals that I bought from Scholastic after our book fair. Here’s what a Whispy looks like:

They cost $6.95 each, and I ordered four of these for our elementary school library.

If you want to cut costs or you are making a class set, check out these instructions from Primary Graffiti for making your own PVC whisper phones.

I set up the whisper reading center this week. All I had to put at the table were the instruction sign and the basket with the Whispy reading pals in it. Super simple to set up. I figured that the first and second graders would be excited to whisper-read into these. Guess what? Fifth graders couldn’t resist them either!

The advertisement for the Whispy says that it’s a multi-sensory learning experience that allows students to self-check, self-correct, and self-assess as they read. To me, it’s also an encouragement to have a library book in front of you and read it!

I added the instruction sign for this center as a free download from my TPT shop.

This is an engaging center that promotes reading and is soooo easy to set up! I hope you’ll give it a try!

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      1. Hi Jo! I took a chance on them, and I’m glad I did! I was surprised that our older readers were so excited about them. I hope your students like them, too!

      1. Hi Kate!
        I still use this center once a month, all year long. All ages love to use the “whisper phones” to read to themselves. I think it seems like magic to them! Let me know how your students like it!

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