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Do your students love the “Would You Rather?” books as much as mine do? They always sell out at our Scholastic book fair. I’ve bought some for our library, and they’re never on the shelf. Maybe students love being given a choice ! (I think this has been scientifically proven, now that I think about it.)

If I find something that really engages students, I try to find an educational objective and create a library center out of it. So….(drum roll) here are my Would You Rather? cards!

My Autumn Would You Rather Cards are a free download from TPT to let you try the idea out with your students. There are NO Halloween references in this product. I know my school and many others are sensitive to this topic.

The 25 cards in this set give students a choice between two alternatives. For example, would you rather be a Pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving or be a Native American at the first Thanksgiving? As a library center, I have students choose one of the two options and explain to a friend the reasons for their choice.

This could also be a writing prompt. Or, if you had a group of students, they could graph the responses of the group, to add a little bit of math to the mix.

I also have a set of Four Seasons Would You Rather Cards for $3, if you want to try this center with your students at different times of the year. I don’t include any religious holidays in this set, again to steer clear of those sensitivities. For example, one of the choices in the winter set is: would you rather read a favorite holiday story or watch a favorite holiday movie on TV?

Do your students love the Would You Rather? books as much as mine do? Give this center a try! We’re always working on oral language skills. This is a great library center to practice those speaking and reasoning skills!

p.s.–I love the chevron frames I bought from Ashley Hughes!

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      1. They are small paperbacks, about 4 inches by 4 inches. At our fair, they are usually in the silver case, with the journals and diaries and “Coke or Pepsi” books. I bought a few for the library and put the Kapco clear hard covers on them.

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