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I’m ready to get back to school to have a fun, festive three weeks in our school library! Here’s a peek at what will happen in our space this week!

PeekAtMyWeek School Library

Decorating for the Holidays

I like to have a festive holiday theme for the weeks between Thanksgiving and our winter break. This year, we’ll be in a woodland winter wonderland, featuring our school mascot, the fox!

Because I have 4 library doors to decorate, I keep my door decorations simple. I find wrapping paper that matches my theme and wrap the doors. It’s festive, but quick and easy. I’ll get busy with that on Monday–thanks to gift wrap from Target!

Fox Gift Wrap

We’ll also put up our fake fireplace, with a rug in front of it so students can sit and read in a cozy spot! You can read more details about our “fireplace” on this blog post.

Elf on the Shelf

I’ll bring out our Elf on the Shelf. You can look for elf updates on my Instagram feed. I get lots of elf-y inspiration on my Pinterest board here!

I have a feeling that our Elf will get to meet our library hamster, Hero!

Christmas Library Centers

I’ve got lots of Christmas library center ideas here on my Pinterest board. I think I’ll start out with these centers.

We’ll have a little math in the library with this free printable find and graph center.’ve printed this Christmas I Spy before, and my students have loved finding the items in the picture! I will probably leave a few of these laminated pages out from now until the break.

Christmas I Spy

I’ll also put a selection of holiday books on a table with the whisper phones for a Whisper Read to Self center. I think our older students miss hearing holiday picture books read aloud.  And I haven’t had the whisper phones out all year, so this will be a novelty for them!

Read with Whisper Phone

Read Aloud

I look forward to reading aloud Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins with my second grade enrichment group. Have you read it yet? It’s a fun story where a toy stingray, buffalo, and a plastic ball (with very distinct personalities and voices) have adventures with their adored owner.

Toys Go Out

I read this book over Thanksgiving break and loved it! I can’t wait to share it with my students. Random House has a great educator’s guide with lesson ideas here.

I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving break! What special treats do you have for YOUR students in December?

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    1. I always read The Baker’s Dozen, (I brought in Santa cookies), Herschel and the Hannukah Goblins, (They drew pictures of their ideas of the goblins), The Legend of the Candy Cane, (they got candy canes), and The Legend of Silent Night (I had someone come in and play Sighlent Night on a guitar), each year to my 5th graders. They loved all of them. And yes, I knew I was “crossing that religious border” , but I wanted to present different cultures of celebrations to them. If we had enough time, we watched “Silent Mouse”. We had so much fun! I miss that the most.

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