Almost ready to go back to school…

Hi friends!

Are you (like me) starting to think about thinking about getting ready to go back to school? All the stores have had school supplies staring at us for weeks, but I’ve been ignoring them. I couldn’t ignore these. Because they’re in my library.

So I spent a long day with two helpers turning the boxes into this.

Stacks of empty, flattened boxes and boxes filled with packing paper.

Now all the books are back on the shelves, in order (until school starts), and I have a big ole library with bright new carpet and blank walls.

Soon I’ll start going in to school to start adding some pizzazz to our library.

First, I want to incorporate the ideas that Sonya’s been talking about over at the Library Patch. In her series on “Dewey”ing it My Way, she shows us how she’s created signs to make the library easier to navigate for her students and teachers. They make great sense, and I think they’ll be a big help in our place!

Next, I want to decorate in a camping theme. Last year I had a space theme in our library, and it was lots of fun. But I’m over that, and ready to go camping. For the past several months I’ve been pinning to my camping decorations board on Pinterest, and I’ve got plenty of ideas to help me get started. I think this is gonna be a fun theme with lots of cool reading nooks for the kids!

I know that once the teacher meetings start, I’ll be busy helping teachers and going to team meetings to plan projects. So I’ve got to get in there soon if I’m gonna get any decorating done.

Like I said, I’m gonna go do that. Any day now. After I finish thinking about it a little more.

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