Replacement for My Wild Self (S’More Tech postscript)

Hi campers!

If you were with me for S’More Tech Summer Camp, you may remember that we created our wild selves, but then the website went blank. (I’m still sulking over that, New York Zoo and Aquarium!!)

Anyway, the Busy Librarian, Matthew Winner, found a good substitute for us, called Switcheroo Zoo at

With the Make and Play feature, you can create a new “animal” from parts of 142 different zoo animals. Like this.

As you can see, it looks more like a photograph, where Wild Self looked more like an illustration. On the plus side, it has more features than Wild Self did. You (and your students) can choose “Add Story” and type a story underneath the creature, then print it out.

The site also has games about animal habitats and feeding. There are ads all over the place, but lots of good content here, too.

Thanks, Busy Librarian, for not being too busy to help out our campers!

p.s.–if you missed out on S’More Tech Summer Camp, just click on the “s’more tech” label on the right side of this blog, under “FIND YOUR CENTER.” You can read each post at your own pace. Happy camping!

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