Reading is Sweet–for Valentines Day too!

Hi friends!

What a treat! Today Alison Ward from Rhode Island (brr-rr-rrr) shared the super cute gingerbread book characters that her students created!

Look at all those book cookies!
We all know this adventurous character, don’t we?
As I was thinking about the great participation that Alison saw for this project, I thought, “Hey! We’ve got another sweet holiday coming right up!” You could take the original flyer, and put a heart shape on the page instead of a gingerbread man. Your students could create book characters from heart-shaped cookies. If you didn’t get to try this out in December, here’s your chance!
The original post was here, and I’ve uploaded my flyer into Google Drive here so that you can download it and modify it. It doesn’t have all the pretty art and lettering on Google Drive, but it will give you a good start. And the auto-shapes on Word can make a heart shape for you.
Here’s what the original looked like. It’s still available as a free download on TPT, but it’s a PDF, so it has the artwork, but you can’t edit it.
Alison, thanks so much for sharing your sweet book cookies (and giving me permission to share them with our librarian friends here), and congratulations on making the leap into library centers!
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