Hispanic Heritage Month in the Library

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Are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in your school library?

Hispanic Heritage Month

In the USA, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 to October 15 every year. Why these dates? Because September 15 is the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico declared its independence on September 16 and Chile on September 18.

Library Display

Every year I create a display of books about famous Hispanic Americans and books by Hispanic authors and illustrators. We have a significant Hispanic population in our school, and I want our students to see themselves represented in our library books. Once these books are on display, they start circulating and students start discussing them with each other.

Scavenger Hunt

This year, I’ll add a scavenger hunt to our plans. I  spent many hours researching and creating a Hispanic Heritage Scavenger Hunt, now available in my TPT storeHispanic Heritage Scavenger HuntWow! I learned so many interesting facts during this research project! Did you know that there were rumors that Walt Disney was born out of wedlock to a woman from Spain? They aren’t true, but you’ll see Walt Disney on a few Hispanic Heritage lists online!

I also added several books to my next book order, as I found new (to me) titles like Abuela, by Arthur Dorros, Out of the Ballpark by Alex Rodriguez, and Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos by Monica Brown.

Hispanic Heritage Collage

Our students need practice learning our new Destiny library system, so this scavenger hunt will provide the perfect opportunity to learn about our Hispanic Heritage and find new books to read at the same time!


Enter by September 30 for your chance to win eight Spanish and bilingual books from Penguin! Click here to enter.

Penguin Hispanic Heritage Contest

I’d love to hear how YOU celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in your school library. Please let us know with a comment!


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