Inferencing Folders Library Center

I just saw a great idea for an inferencing library center. It came from Strong Start, an early childhood educator in Canada. Take a look.

Doesn’t it make you curious, just looking at the colorful folders and the peek at the picture inside? Just imagine how your students would be drawn to this library center!

She made these out of mini file folders,  with a small square cut out to reveal a part of the picture from a magazine that’s glued to the inside. You could also print a graphic on the color printer, like a picture book cover or character, or a photo from a current event, or a map. So many possibilities!

On the outside, she has questions printed for adults to ask her preschool students. For example: “This is in the kitchen of your house.  You cook on it.” Of course, your older students can read the clues for themselves. On the inside, they can see the whole picture, and you can glue the answer word there, too, so that students see the word spelled correctly.

I had not heard of mini file folders before, and I looked them up on Amazon and found out that they are available for purchase, and not very expensive.

But you could also cut some bright cardstock in half, and that would work just as well as the mini file folders.
I think that my students would find these as intriguing as the I Spy books. I am definitely going to give this center a try!

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