Library New Year’s Resolutions

Hi friends!

In our Learning Librarians Facebook group, we’ve been talking about what we’ve resolved NOT to do in 2018.

New Year 2018 Librarian

Thanks to all of you who’ve generously shared your resolutions for what you will NOT do in 2018!

  • Not doing inventory every year, but doing inventory every 2 or 3 years
  • Not remaining on an old circulation system, but updating to a new circulation system
  • Not letting students choose their own seats. Assigned seats help with classroom management and help us learn the students’ names.
  • Not doubting my strengths, not doing activities because I think I “should” do them and I’m trying to fit someone else’s mold
  • Not worrying about getting books back on the shelf
  • Not underestimating my abilities as a new librarian
  • Not agreeing to mentor so many kids
  • Not doubting that caring for kids is a great lesson in itself
  • Not working 10 hours a day when I get paid for 3 1/2 hours a day
  • Not overextending myself at the expense of my family
  • Not buying books without reading them first
  • Not letting other teachers turn me into the tech teacher
  • Not having book buddies (stuffed animals) during story time
  • Not give up in trying to improve library services in all 3 of my sites
  • Not give up sharing the love of reading with my students
  • Not putting AR stickers on books
  • Not feel guilty about giving students time to read and explore new books

Too often we add NEW resolutions to our plates, without taking away something that we will stop doing. That leads to being stressed and overwhelmed, which isn’t healthy for us as librarians. Being stretched too thin doesn’t help our students, who deserve a happy librarian to teach them.

As you begin a new year with your students, think about something you will NOT do in the new year, so that you can make room for new things that you WILL do. I’d love to hear from you in a comment with what you will NOT do in 2018!


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